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About the film:
One Out of Three is a 28-minute short film about three women in their 30's who each have one piece of the 'perfect' adult life – love, career, kids – going their way, but only one.

Angela is a career-driven, independent woman who has prioritized work over relationships and family, Jen is a type-A perfectionist with a loving husband but fertility struggles are taking their toll and forcing her to work a job she hates, and artsy Claire continues to be unlucky in both love and work but could be expecting a surprise package in 9 months.

Over the course of an afternoon, Claire's situation forces them to examine their lives and brings pre-existing issues and resentments to light as each of them must face difficult choices.

One Out of Three explores many of the current issues, societal pressures and
complicated options women grapple with today, while also highlighting the deep bonds
and unique strength they can find from one another.